Spring Thunder

        The works of Mr. Sebastian Joseph are varied and multifarious. They include journalistic contributions, books, memoirs, interviews, photographs and audio/video recordings.

        His journalistic works consist of several series and reports on wide-ranging topics which have created far reaching ripples and repercussions in Kerala. Most of them were published in Malayala Manorama daily during his career. Many of them brought him national/state awards and laurels. The scanned copies of these journalistic works along with their English translation are given category wise.

        A column entitled “Ormayile Wayanad” (Memoirs of Wayanad) is a collection of the reminiscence of Wayanad of more than forty persons. They unveil the economic, educational, cultural, historical and geographical evolution cum transformation of Wayanad during the last five decades.

        The manuscripts of the Memoirs are mostly about Naxalite actions.  They are in Malayalam and are signed and authorized on each page by the concerned personality. Many of them have meanwhile departed to their heavenly abodes. Actually these memoirs are the living documents of what they had to say to the posterity.

        Books include “Vasanthathinte Idimuzhakkam” published by Poorna Publications Calicut. Two more books are in the offing. A few chapters of the English translation of  “Vasanthathinte Idimuzhakkam” are  given entitled “Peal of Spring Thunder”.

        To preserve these reports, manuscripts and writings for the use of future generations is the motive behind this website.